StoredIQ supports Microsoft’s File Classification Infrastructure

Ediscovery specialist StoredIQ has announced that its Intelligent Information Management (IIM) Platform is now fully interoperable with the Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) technology included in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

Through its integration with FCI, StoredIQ aggregates the intelligence of Microsoft’s data classification technology with StoredIQ’s own enterprise-scale classification engine to create a semantically richer set of classifications across the entire spectrum of electronically stored information (ESI).

Organisations can leverage the combined, comprehensive set of classifications to better manage and control all of their unstructured data to address their eDiscovery and information management needs. Based on the classifications applied to unstructured data by the combined solution, StoredIQ can automatically execute records management, legal holds and document retention and disposition policies, thereby reducing costs, mitigating risks, and simplifying information governance.

“Classifying unstructured information is increasingly important as today's organisations face mounting pressure to establish and maintain effective corporate governance strategies and respond timely to litigation requests,” said Eric Jewett, Director of Marketing, Windows Server at Microsoft.

“The combined data classification capabilities of StoredIQ and FCI will help organisations identify and manage information according to its business value, retain only necessary records, while meeting compliance requirements and reducing legal risk and storage costs.“

“StoredIQ can leverage the data classifications inherent in Microsoft’s File Server and apply policies to automatically act on that data including copying, moving, deleting, changing security information, placing data on legal hold, etc.,” said Keith Zoellner, chief technology officer for StoredIQ.

“This is a powerful resource, allowing companies to accelerate the understanding of their unstructured data based on the value of their information.”

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