AccessData shows CaseVantage 6

AccessData has announced its upcoming product release at the ILTA 20010 event in Las vegas, CaseVantage 6, an in-house, web-based review platform that can support litigation containing millions of documents and hundreds of users across multiple matters.

It is promising that no matter how large or dispersed the review team, users can organise, search, and produce scanned image and native files while precisely controlling each user or team’s access to the case.

Version 6 introduces a variety of enhancements, including near-duplicate analysis, email threading, a tagging discrepancy dashboard and enhanced search capabilities, including concept and faceted searching.

"We have an entire Summation development team working to deliver greater stability and richer feature sets in iBlaze, Enterprise, CaseVantage and Discovery Cracker. These enhancements only aid in our ability to successfully deliver on our goal of an integrated, modular solution," stated Brian Karney, President and COO of AccessData, and architect of the company’s litigation support strategy.

AccessData’s integration approach aims to deliver a modular solution that will walk users through the whole eDiscovery lifecycle from litigation hold to trial, without the need for re-processing data or creating load files.

Currently, data must be processed multiple times as it moves from the collection tool to the early case assessment tool, and on to multiple legal review platforms. Each time the data is re-processed, any analysis, comments or tagging that were done previously are exposed to the risk of alteration or loss, leaving the client open to spoliation claims.

Furthermore, each tool processes data differently and thus delivers a different result, which means that a vendor must massage the data into the next tool, introducing yet another time-consuming and expensive step in the process.

“We at AccessData are out to revolutionize the eDiscovery industry by allowing organizations to rely on a single solution to enable real-time collaboration among litigation support personnel in IT, inside counsel and outside counsel. This solution will give corporations unsurpassed control over their legal matters, and serial litigants dealing with hundreds of cases a year will be able to save millions of dollars,” states AccessData CEO Tim Leehealey.

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