Nuix flies in with eDiscovery supercomputer

Nuix has unveiled what it dubs the eDiscovery SuperComputer, powered by a $50,000 Dell 910 workstation with half a Terabyte of RAM.

The system is able to power through 100GB of data per hour with up to 25 concurrent users, and is able to host over 200 concurrent users when not processing.

The Nuix eDiscovery SuperComputer is an out-of-the box enterprise-grade system which can be taken on-site to enable law firms, litigation support firms, corporations, government agencies and other organisations to undertake fast and powerful early case assessments on both the smallest and largest cases.

”Most organisations involved in litigation and compliance matters are very sensitive about sending great volumes of data out for processing,” commented Nuix CEO Eddie Sheehy.

“The Nuix eDiscovery SuperComputer gives companies undertaking ECA the ability to scale up internally for virtually any size case and it can be done in a day, whether it is a 2GB or a 2TB case.”

“One US-based client using a single Nuix eDiscovery SuperComputer was able to process 1.2 million Bloomberg emails in 43 minutes,” continued Sheehy. “The client had previously processed the same batch of emails using its old system across 23 servers, which took four days to achieve the same result.”

Sheehy said the supercomputer had already been delivered to clients in the US and Europe, and he expects sales in Kong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

“The Australian ediscovery market is getting more mature, but there is less time pressure to deal with, parties here are able to negotiate a longer time frame to deliver results,” said Sheehy.

Some of the main targets for the ediscovery supercomputer include organisations in litigious industries and regulatory organisations that have lots of data they need to process quickly.

A video demonstration of the Nuix eDiscovery SuperComputer at work can be viewed HERE.

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