Redact-It debuts for IBM eDiscovery

Informative Graphics, a provider of viewing, collaboration and redaction technology, has announced the release of Redact-It for IBM eDiscovery Manager.

Tightly integrated with IBM eDiscovery Manager, Redact-It performs automated redaction on documents during the export phase, allowing organizations to process large volumes of documents in-house.

Redact-It automatically applies "Privilege" or "Privacy" scripts and creates a new PDF or TIFF rendition of the redacted file(s), leaving the source file(s) untouched, the company noted. The redacted rendition contains no hidden text or metadata; the content is completely removed, so there is no risk of inadvertent disclosure through improper redaction.

Redact-It also offers the ability to export source files to PDF or TIFF from eDiscovery Manager in addition to IBM's traditional EDRM-XML and Native format options.

Attorney Tom O'Connor, says, "Effective redaction is an extremely important part of the eDiscovery process. Unfortunately, sometimes people don't understand redaction technology, and they don't buy a good product like Redact-It. They think they are effectively redacting some privileged information, and instead they inadvertently send it to opposing counsel as part of their production. If lawyers have not protected privilege within documents, for which they have a duty to the client, they may be exposing themselves to a malpractice case. Firms must take the steps necessary to protect a case, and that includes proper redaction."

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