Intranet DASHBOARD plugs into SharePoint

Previously marketed as a SharePoint alternative, Australia’s Intranet DASHBOARD (iD) is now gettiing cosy with Microsoft’s collaboration platform, announced the release of a new SharePoint Connector.

A new API for Intranet DASHBOARD has allowed for the development of the SharePoint Connector, which is offered at no extra cost with the solution.

“We wanted to create the SharePoint Connector to enable clients to leverage the respective strengths of both software products,” said Connie Pandos, Director of Intranet DASHBOARD.

iD’s SharePoint Connector acts as a window to SharePoint for intranet users, enabling content including Task Lists and Document Libraries to be surfaced seamlessly within iD’s usable intranet interface.

“SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities are great, but the challenge lies in providing a user-friendly intranet framework for managing and accessing its content,” said Pandos. “That’s where iD comes in.”

The latest release of iD is available for download at the company’s Web site and includes both the SharePoint Connector and iD API.


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