StoredIQ looks deeper inside SharePoint

StoredIQ has extended its integration with SharePoint to include eDiscovery and information governance for two additional prominent features of SharePoint 2010, User Profiles and Versioning.

SharePoint presents complex and unusual challenges for eDiscovery because of its collaborative nature and its ability to support a myriad of data objects. Its rich feature set creates a complex environment with multiple owners, multiple users and viewers, multiple versions; all incorporated into a hierarchical nested structure.

The company claims most eDiscovery solutions are limited in their visibility and scope to just SharePoint Document Libraries and a subset of metadata. They also lack the intelligence to distinguish between multiple versions of documents, and may return very large and inflated data sets for content analysis. In contrast, the StoredIQ solution fully supports all core SharePoint object types and all associated metadata including: Blogs, Wikis, Comments, Discussion Boards, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, Issue Trackers, Announcements, Surveys, Links, Project Tasks, Picture Libraries, Records Center and Document Libraries.

Much like a profile on Facebook, SharePoint User Profiles allow the user to post information about who they are and their current status. StoredIQ’s SharePoint solution provides a view of User Profiles, and also consolidates the user’s document library, blog, note board, and colleagues into a single interface.

When a SharePoint user updates a wiki page, blog post, or other item SharePoint considers this a new version of the given object. StoredIQ now has the capability to search through this version history and show which items are responsive to a query and which are not. Users can also choose what data gets collected or exported by StoredIQ – just responsive versions or the complete version history for an object.

n increasing demand from customers to ensure that their eDiscovery and information governance capabilities keep pace with the growth of data in their SharePoint repositories and SharePoint’s evolution as a collaborative environment,” said Ursula Talley, vice president of marketing for StoredIQ.

“In response to several legal matters, one large financial services customer with over 10,000 SharePoint sites is using StoredIQ to gain control and insight of data across their enterprise including individual custodian SharePoint profiles, wikis, blogs and lists. StoredIQ provides the deep intelligence they need to ensure the timely and precise collection and preservation of business critical data scattered throughout their large and distributed SharePoint ecosystem.”


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