Ringtail 8 swings into action

FTI Consulting has delivered an update to the popular Ringtail e-discovery software, already used by over 40,000 legal professionals around the globe.

The new version of this integrated processing, review, analysis and production platform, Ringtail 8, includes a new user interface, database enhancements for greater scalability and administration, as well as additional production features for better automation and speed.

"We have standardised our e-discovery on Ringtail because it's simply the most comprehensive and flexible software in the market," said Michelle Mahoney, director of applied legal technology with Mallesons Stephen Jacques.

"I know that Ringtail can handle our small matters quickly and effectively, and is able to support and analyse the big, dynamic cases as they change and grow. With Ringtail, there is no need for a plan B."

Ringtail 8, available on-premise, software as a service (SaaS) or in a hybrid model, offers new enhancements including:
a new user interface that is promised to increase the speed and accuracy of reviewers, while also enabling a customised experience to support different case requirements;
The ability to automate features has been enhanced, and new "production rendition" features mean users can tie multiple produced versions of a document to the original, ensuring precise version control without compromising the ability to apply unique codes or permissions going forward;
Processing functionality is directly integrated with review, analysis and production, so Ringtail 8 users can do more of the e-discovery process on one tool, without worrying about data transfers. Ringtail 8 includes support for PSTs, NSFs, and Concordance files, as well as a deduplication, embedded object identification, exception handling and language detection; and
Ringtail 8 also includes a number of additional improvements to existing features such as duplicate handling, reporting and easier searching across the entire data set.


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