EzeScan boosts discovery support

The EzeScan DISCOVERY module has been enhanced to include improved support for automated data capture from supplier invoices. DISCOVERY now provides a higher accuracy hit rate on captured data fields like Invoice Number, GST and Total.

The updated module is included in the latest version of the EzeScan product suite, which also adds the ability to automatically start to profile (F4) a document directly from scanning or import file mode.

This means that if a job requires no QA step then the operator can simply hit the job button, EzeScan will scan or import the document, run enhancements and automatically profile the document to it's destination.

EzeScan now allows operators to insert a pre-defined barcode cover sheet when one is required. This saves operators having to scan a barcode coversheet if one needs to be inserted or replaced.

The Meridio connector now supports populating ACL and metadata properties when creating Class and Folder objects.
- The Meridio connector can bypass a document upload to create folders and classes only. This can be used to automatically build out a class / folder structure into which documents can be uploaded.

Other additions in the latest version include support for Objective version 8.1, as well as secure (https) authentication with SharePoint 2010. This will allow EzeScan to connect and upload into a SharePoint document library via secure HTTP connections.