Enabling ediscovery for Lotus Notes

Daegis has added a new technology to its eDiscovery Platform to preserve and manage Lotus Notes collaborative application data throughout the entire process.

The eDiscovery platform uses this technology to offer clients the ability to capture, process, search, cull and review collaborative Lotus Notes applications such as team room documents, document libraries, support systems and customised templates for legal discovery.

Using the new functionality, Daegis platform extracts the data including attachments and images in true native format and ingests it for processing, culling, indexing, searching, reviewing and production.

The technology handles the applications in native format that removes the risk of spoliation and cleanly delivers data ready for review and production.

This capability is critical for corporate clients who need to include the data contained within Notes applications as part of discovery for legal or regulatory compliance matters.

Daegis CTO Duane George said collecting data from Lotus Notes collaborative applications has been extremely burdensome for companies so the data has been largely ignored in eDiscovery.

"The Daegis eDiscovery Platform has made it possible for clients to efficiently and effectively include .nsf databases in the eDiscovery search and collection process, which will prove to be a rich source of information tied to legal matters," George said.

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