Nuix takes on early case assessment

Australia’s Nuix has added new capabilities for early case assessment with the launch of version 3.4 of its ediscovery and forensic investigation software.

Nuix is promising enriched review and export functionality alongside its processing speed and search capabilities.

Nuix has improved performance for large scale on-site reviews, as well as new supported data types, speedier data review and case assessment functionality.

“The core elements of any case mostly rely on a relatively small number of documents and communications, so it is extremely important that this key information is found and understood quickly,” said Nuix CEO, Eddie Sheehy.

“Nuix 3.4 raises the bar when it comes to enabling early case assessment. Litigators and investigative teams can assess their case and build a strategy at the earliest possible time - which is a very different value proposition to early data assessment solutions.”

“Many traditional investigative solutions are limited to undertaking early data assessment which is primarily intended to work out the potential cost of an eDiscovery case or to undertake a quick, keyword-based review.”

The launch of Nuix 3.4 follows a significant investment by Macquarie Capital into Nuix.

Full details on the new features and enhancements available in Nuix 3.4 are available at

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