iPhone ediscovery management

Software as a service ediscovery has gone mobile with the launch of TotalDiscovery.com on the  iPhone, iPad, Blackberry an Android devices.

Business Intelligence Associates has announced that clients can now manage their TotalDiscovery.com e-discovery projects using any mobile device with a data connection and a supported mobile browser.

These  can be used to monitor overall status, access reporting and initiate new data collections that are accomplished via a downloaded "DiscoveryBOT" that is capable of searching and completing discovery tasks completely on its own.

“Now you can view and report on the status of your e-discovery process in real time,” said Brian Schrader, BIA’s president.

“Users can now access their TotalDiscovery.com control panel and monitor data collections and other activities in real time without being tied to their desks. TotalDiscovery.com allows users to control the e-discovery collection process when they want, how they want, and now, from anywhere they want.

TotalDiscovery.com also includes BIA's Data Profiler, an assessment tool that gives IT and Legal teams an early snapshot of the volume and format of discovery data before spending any money on ediscovery activities. 

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