Concordance speeds ediscovery review

A new application that eliminates need to convert files from their original format to image files, creating faster review and reducing costs, has been launched for the Concordance ediscovery review management software.

LexisNexis says the Concordance Native Viewer will enable litigation to obtain a contextual understanding of the document and make necessary redactions against the native view, rather than automatically sending all of those files through costly document processing.

Deborah Jillson, vice president of Litigation Tools at LexisNexis, said, “This translates into a speedier review workflow and a significant reduction in electronic document processing costs.”

Native review capabilities are also part of the new Concordance Evolution enterprise software, which is designed for large and complex cases, while the traditional Concordance product is aimed at small to mid-sized litigation.

Concordance Native Viewer also includes an advanced production model with which users can save production settings for future use, a bulk printing capability that allows them to quickly print multiple hard copies of documents and new support for full-coloyr productions of documents.

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