Nuix 3.6 focuses on the evidence

Nuix is promising a range of new features for identifying key pieces of evidence in ediscovery with its latest software release, Nuix 3.6.
The new version offers improved ability to manage custodians in litigation and to manage and manipulate production sets. There is also  improved search functionality, enhanced language identification and entity extraction.
New features also included in Nuix 3.6 include:
A custodian management framework which provides an effective way to define, update and manage individual custodians;
Introduction of industry standard DT Search style query syntax to complement Nuix’s existing Lucene search syntax;
Production set enhancements providing greater efficiency across a variety of workflows and giving more control over what is exported and when; 
Enhanced language identification allowing users to identify documents written in different languages, not just characters;
Entity extraction and regular expressions, enabling the identification of credit card numbers, email addresses and other personally identifiable information across virtually any quantity of unstructured data, enabling detection of the leaking of sensitive personal data;
Extended near duplicate technology to compare selected sets of documents against other data sets in order to identify similar content for review and analysis.

“Over 50 customers have already seen and used the 3.6 beta release and the overwhelming feedback is that they are really impressed by the new features and believe strongly that this version of Nuix will simplify their lives and enable them to achieve more,” said Nuix CEO, Eddie Sheehy.

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