Clearwell eDiscovery enhances automated document review

Symantec has announced plans to introduce Transparent Predictive Coding to its Clearwell eDiscovery Platform in order to help organisations defensibly reduce the time and cost of document review.

The apporoach will leverage the intelligence of expert reviewers to train the software so that it can automatically predict document relevance in order to streamline document review and increase accuracy. The net result is expected to be a more defensible automated document review process at significantly reduced cost.

As reviewers tag documents in a training set, the software identifies tagging criteria common across those documents. This enables the software to "predict" the reviewer's coding across all case documents, requiring fewer documents to be reviewed manually and thereby accelerating the review process.

Symantec's Transparent Predictive Coding is expected to further accelerate the review process by providing an intuitive, flexible workflow that maps to the specific requirements of the case at hand.

This workflow is automatically documented by reporting tools which can allow legal teams to demonstrate process integrity to the court, opposing legal teams, or government regulators. As a result, Transparent Predictive Coding is expected to provide the level of defensibility necessary to enable legal teams to adopt predictive coding as a mainstream technology for eDiscovery review.

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