Daegis adds discovery of Lotus Notes

Daegis has added the capability to combine Lotus Notes data with other data sources related to current and future litigations using its eDiscovery Platform.

The addition expands Daegis' Cross-Matter Management methodology, which enables data to be preserved and re-purposed in a single secure environment, spanning various collaboration platforms and file types.

According to a report by analyst firm Radicati, as of 2009 there were 425 million active on-premise mailboxes worldwide, nearly a third of which were Lotus Notes and Domino - just shy of the market share held my Microsoft Exchange. Lotus Notes and Domino were also used more frequently by large enterprises than Microsoft Exchange or other collaboration platforms.

Even as some of these large enterprises transition to Exchange, vast quantities of data, much of which may be relevant in future litigations, still resides in Lotus Notes applications.
With the latest release, Daegis offers the ability to capture, process, search, cull and review files from collaborative Lotus Notes messaging and applications.

Support for Lotus Notes up to version 8.5 includes: TeamRoom documents, document libraries, Domino Discussion, QuickPlace, as well as custom business applications. All data, whether from Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Exchange, local drives or network shares, can be searched and reviewed within the Daegis eDiscovery Platform, delivering a one-stop eDiscovery solution for corporations with Lotus Notes, Microsoft and other application environments.

"Heightening expectations from regulators and the courts mean that identifying and producing responsive email and non-email data stored across diverse platforms including Lotus Notes is especially critical, particularly for corporate clients who may face sanctions if they fail to produce this data in litigations or regulatory matters," said Doug Stewart, Director of Technology at Daegis.

"The Daegis eDiscovery Platform has made it possible for clients to efficiently and effectively include .NSF databases in the eDiscovery search and collection process, enabling law firms and businesses to manage data across multiple collaboration platforms with a streamlined, defensible process."

In addition to the new Lotus Notes capabilities, the Daegis eDiscovery Platform now offers TIFF-on-the-fly enhancements, which enable users to easily convert documents to high-fidelity TIFF images within seconds without the involvement of back-end services, then view, redact or make annotations on the images instantly.

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