Forensic imager has the touch

Guidance Software has launched its Tableau TD3 Forensic Imager, a modular, touch screen-driven forensic duplicator.

The color touch screen on the TD3 makes it easier and faster to start collections or to view data. The wizard-driven UI uses touch gestures to select and initiate all TD3 functions. The TD3 also includes a pop-up software touch-screen keypad for convenient alphanumeric data entry, log review or network connection setup. The TD3 also supports a USB 2.0-connected physical keyboard.

The TD3 supports collecting data in a forensically sound, “write-blocked” manner and is capable of data collection from SATA, IDE, USB 3.0/2.0/1.1, SAS and FireWire storage drives. The modular design of the TD3 means new modules snap together without the need for bulky cables. For example, IDE and SAS devices can be imaged thru TDPX5 (IDE) and TDPX6 (SAS) expansion modules.

The TD3 also features a Gigabit Ethernet network interface that allows it to be used as a remote write-blocker to preview or collect data from a storage device located in a remote location. This feature can be used in lab environments, or between network-connected offices in the event that accessing data remotely is more convenient and safer than physically transporting storage devices.

Each TD3 forensic imager kit includes one TDS1 SATA drive enclosure, which directly connects to TD3 to form a stable and cable-free base.

The TD3 Forensic Imager, TDS1 SATA Enclosure, TDPX5 IDE Expansion Module and TDPX6 SAS Expansion Module are all available now. For more information on the TD3, please visit



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