Ringtail adds Predictive Coding smarts

FTI Technology says new version of its Ringtail e-discovery software has been designed with an intuitive and visual predictive coding feature that allows a classifier to code large document sets quickly and defensibly. 

The application includes an intuitive workflow, visual validation of a model’s performance, and a projections matrix. This matrix enables teams to examine recall and precision targets and weigh them in context with the costs and benefits of the corresponding review volumes. The predictive coding functionality is supported by statistical sampling as well as Ringtail’s visual analysis and review capabilities.

In addition to the predictive coding functionality, Ringtail offers a number of new features and enhancements that enable users to:

- Create statistically representative sets within the document population to analyse the data and determine trends, characteristics and the potential cost of review;

- Import and manage transcript files or collections from LiveNote and easily browse, search, annotate, link, report and export the materials;

- Analyse large document populations faster and more easily than ever due to numerous usability and performance enhancements to Ringtail Analytics; and

- Collate related information with ease by linking documents to issues, binders, transcripts, saved searches and other objects in Ringtail.

The latest version of Ringtail software will be available to on-demand users by the end of the third quarter of 2013. 


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