ISOTASK 2.0 manages ediscovery projects

Inovitech has announced the launch of ISOTASK 2.0, an eDiscovery project management application designed for corporations, law firms, and service providers where there is a heavy exchange of litigation activity. 

ISOTASK centralises project scope, embeds dynamic workflow, centralises communication, and tracks cross matter project management activities such as tasks, deadlines, cost, and staff utilization. ISOTASK is offered in a low-cost subscription model and built on an on-demand scalable systems and support infrastructure.

“It was important to design a system that glimpses into an eDiscovery project from several different vantage points to allow for true transparency and collaboration. ISOTASK not only helps those that manage projects, it also guides teams that are responsible for producing the final work-product. ISOTASK integrates traditional project management methods with specific eDiscovery requirements that transform the way an entire delivery team manages eDiscovery projects.” said Debra Rozier, Founder and CEO, Inovitech.

ISOTASK 2.0 promises to: 

- reduce implementation time with pre-built team task and instruction form templates;

- track case evidence and integrate into project workflow modeling;

- manage project scope more efficiently by building custom project workflow models that can be adjusted in realtime. No need to setup hard configured workflow streams that would be time consuming and too difficult to adjust during an on-going ediscovery project;

- increase process efficiency by updating project tasks across teams concurrently, in parallel, or linear with preconfigured workflow dependencies;

- improve accuracy with enhanced statistics to ensure no work is missed across case and delivery teams; and

- allow for greater collaboration at the project level with assigning todos and chat communication across teams.

Business Solution: