Nuix 5 launches web-enabled ediscovery

Nuix has  launched eDiscovery 5, which expands the usability of the Nuix Engine with web capabilities and automation designed to simplify ediscovery workflows. 

Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix, said, “With Nuix eDiscovery 5, we have focused on making the Nuix Engine more accessible and on making the hard work of eDiscovery easier for everybody.”

Enhancements include:

  1. The ability to add custom metadata;
  2. Selective processing by file type, a fast and easy way to cull large data sets;
  3. Improvements to clustering and faster Microsoft Office document imaging;
  4. Integrated optical character recognition;
  5. Support for many new file formats including live data from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint cloud services and Symantec Enterprise Vault archives;
  6. New and updated application programming interfaces (APIs), enabling Nuix and third-party developers to create web applications that give users powerful and flexible ways to work with the Nuix Engine; and 
  7. Predictive coding included.

Scheduled for release next quarter, Nuix Director is a new interactive dashboard that will allow ediscovery analysts and technicians to replace manual processes with automated workflows. 

“Nuix Director is all about simplifying the discovery workflow, providing detailed reporting and minimising the opportunities to make mistakes,” said Sheehy. “Mistakes and re-work are the scourge of the legal services industry, so we designed Nuix eDiscovery 5 and Nuix Director to eliminate this terrible waste.”

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