CONNECT is a new metadata governance platform

Embarcadero Technologies, a provider of software solutions for application and database development, has announced the release of Embarcadero CONNECT, the company’s new metadata governance platform. 

Embarcadero CONNECT is designed to make database tools smarter and users experts, by giving data “on-the-fly” business context and supporting it with collaboration capabilities. From database administrators, architects, modelers and developers, to governance administrators and business users, CONNECT is a one of a kind platform that puts all of an organisation’s constituents on the same page without requiring existing technologies to be replaced.

Diverse data types are flooding organisations at an accelerating pace. While this can provide new opportunities for data management professionals and business data consumers, they must be on the same page before any real benefits of this data can be recognised. The first step toward achieving this is identifying critical data elements and obtaining a clear understanding of their sources and interactions. 

CONNECT integrates business definitions, models and metadata with data management and development tools giving users “on the fly” business context for all the data. CONNECT provides a single, searchable registry of all available data sources, called the Enterprise Information Map. This map allows any authorised user to locate and utilise existing enterprise data via reports, glossaries and taxonomies, to make better use of data while adhering to business policies.

“CONNECT ties together previously siloed databases, metadata, models and definitions in a collaborative platform that lights up tools and websites with the business context behind your data while enabling business users to find and “follow” the terms and business domains they care about,” said Michael Swindell, Embarcadero senior vice president of products. 

“With CONNECT your business and technical users can do their jobs faster, easier and more accurately while supporting data governance, security, and standardisation initiatives with minimal effort.”

In addition to mapping an organisation’s data, CONNECT also features integrated collaboration and social capabilities, which allow users to define and publish valuable business and data definitions. With these crowdsourcing capabilities, users can collaboratively create, store and centrally manage a single source of enterprise-wide business definitions.

CONNECT improves data comprehension and reduces the risk of non-compliance by integrating key business terms and definitions in daily workflows and widely used database tools. Innovative inline alerts and definitions make database tools smarter and users experts, increasing productivity and reducing data usage errors.

Embarcadero CONNECT key features:

  1. Enterprise Glossary – View, store and centrally manage authoritative business definitions in an extensible enterprise glossary.
  2. Data Source Registry – Create a single searchable registry of all available data sources to reduce the time you spend searching for data.
  3. Social Enterprise Collaboration – Apply features such as activity and discussion streams, notifications and the ability to follow and like.
  4. Inline definitions – View definitions for registered data elements or business terms directly in widely-used database tools.
  5. Semantic Mapping – Relate business terms to critical data elements including tables, columns, entities and attributes.


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