Blasting through the business process speed limit

OpenText has a new business process management suite that ties together its Cordys acquisition with packaged applications and add-on products to automate processes around enterprise content management.

The new Process Suite offers pre-built delivery solution components and tools that promise to cut the time spent designing and deploying solutions.

It is available as a platform that includes OpenText Cordys 10.5 and BPM Everywhere, designed to allow knowledge workers to easily communicate and collaborate through a social user interface, and on any device they choose.

A Process Component Library assembles applications from a library of case management and service delivery components to shorten development time. Process Suite can be used on-premise, as a SaaS solution, as a PaaS solution, and also using a hybrid deployment strategy.

 “, Process Suite simplifies what’s traditionally been a complicated process, and decreases development times from nine to 18 months down to three to six months,” said Muhi Majzoub, senior vice president of engineering, OpenText. 

“It provides the agility necessary to design, develop and deploy rich automation and case management applications quickly, and makes it easier for our customers to understand, purchase and deploy their own solutions.”

The Process Suite is available worldwide in English. Additional languages will be available shortly.  

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