AccessData unveils eDiscovery 3.0

AccessData claims its newly launched eDiscovery 3.0 platform addresses all data equally, enabling organisations to identify, preserve and process data from desktops, servers, popular structured data repositories, databases and email.

New to the eDiscovery product is integrated litigation hold capabilities, which enable AccessData customers to address an eDiscovery matter from the onset of litigation all the way to producing load files, native files or forensic archive files for review.

Organizations traditionally rely on several products and vendors to respond to litigation matters, an approach that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, per case. However, with AD eDiscovery 3.0, organizations can address the entire eDiscovery lifecycle with a single solution, saving a great deal of money on outsourcing, hosting and attorney review fees.

AccessData eDiscovery 3.0 boasts a long list of new enhancements, including the following:
Automated Litigation and Regulatory Hold Alerting and Tracking:
Ability to add/remove custodians from an existing hold
Real-time status of hold notifications
Single sign-on portal for custodians and IT to confirm holds and view hold status
Interview custodians and data owners
Next-generation First-Pass Review and Early Case Assessment: Web-based Silverlight review platform delivers custodian-based, cutting-edge analytics and collaborative review of electronically stored information.
Early Case Assessment: Perform pre-collection audits to see what the results will be before you collect. Or perform more advanced review after preserved data has been processed, utilizing sophisticated search methodologies and data modeling.
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