Colour your TRIM world

TRIM users are now able to print colour-coded labels using Codaprint Labelling Software directly - without the need to export records from TRIM and import them into Codaprint.

This can be achieved by simply adding the application to TRIM as an external tool, or it can be used as a standalone application that connects to a TRIM database.

The application comes in two modules: Template Manager; and Select and Print.

The Template Manager module is for TRIM administrators to setup or map templates to TRIM data fields. The Select and Print module is for printing colour coded labels directly from a TRIM database to a Codaprint application.

The application comes with step by step guide that enables TRIM administrators to setup the interface in less than 10 minutes.

Codaprint is available for either single user desktop or multi user network installation.

For further information contact Codafile Australia and New Zealand.

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