Documentum's friendly face

EMC is aiming to broaden the appeal of its flagship content management platform with the launch of My Documentum, a family of products that integrates with common applications such as Outlook, Windows Explorer and SharePoint.

It promises to extend sophisticated ECM capabilities to the standard desktop, integrating with Outlook menus, toolbars and search and folder structures to reduce the learning curve. Users can drag and drop e-mails and attachments into repository folders and then apply properties, permissions, versions and locations directly from the Outlook interface.

Outlook rules can be used to automatically import content and it provides a one-step send-and-save operation.

My Documentum for SharePoint provides direct access to content being managed within a Documentum repository through the SharePoint user interface. Documentum-specific functionality can be exposed for virtual documents,lifecycles and renditions as well as leverage advanced search capabilities for Documentum libraries.

My Documentum Offline is a new lightweight client that allows mobile workers access to the latest versions of content they use most often while disconnected from the Documentum repository. Content may be edited, added, deleted and subscribed while offline and will automatically synchronize upon reconnecting to the repository. My Documentum Offline is fully integrated with Microsoft Windows.

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