ediscovery finds Unity

Iris Data Services has announced the release of the Unity 2.x eDiscovery processing platform.

"The newest version of the Unity eDiscovery processing platform offers significant features to our customers. We have completely enhanced our Unicode support to handle all languages and encoding," said Joseph Ziegler, Iris' Director of Technical Services. "We have also significantly improved the technologies that index metadata."

"Unity cannot only display and process in more than 150 different languages, including Chinese Japanese and Korean, it can automatically detect the language of origin and index the document accordingly, allowing for more efficient searching and more effective assigning of documents," said Ziegler.

"Iris is capable of processing languages in several Unicode formats in addition to non-Unicode single and double-byte formats. And our intelligent searching processes are capable of adjusting terms to be run over left to right, right to left, and other language-specific syntax."

Unity captures the full text plus more than 100 types of metadata from email, attachments and loose electronic documents in over 150 different languages. Unity is capable of processing almost any type of file, recognizes image files (such as PDF, TIF and JPG) without text for OCR, parses any type of embedded object, and maintains multiple level document hierarchies to ensure the most accurate data extraction possible.

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