Enterprise search lands on the desktop

Coveo has unveiled a new Desktop Search application as part of Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0.

It promises unified and contextually relevant search of cross-enterprise PC and laptop content, including email pst files, which may be further unified with information from any enterprise systems.

Information monitoring and alerts is offered to ensure compliance with company information policies and regulatory requirements related to employee information access, utilization and processes. IT will be able to monitor, for example, the storage and transmission of documents labeled as confidential or private, the offline presence of documents labelled as confidential or private, or of prohibited laptop content.

Coveo CEO and President Laurent Simoneau, said, “What we’ve done is elevate that access to a higher level, with unified search of not only their individual PCs and laptops, but of contextually relevant knowledge and information residing in any enterprise system, based on IT permissions. In so doing, we’ve placed control over cross-enterprise desktop content indexing, with complete security and access permissions, in the hands of IT.”