Grab hold of the ediscovery appliance

Autonomy has taken eDiscovery to the appliance level, and claims its new offering provides a powerful solution for early case assessment (ECA) and legal hold capabilities.

Autonomy says it is responding to the fact that traditional systems are unable to perform a compliant search on the constantly growing and diverse set of data, and require managing costly, time-consuming, and manual processes.

The eDiscovery Appliance automates this process by enabling counsel to quickly and easily run their data through the appliance, obtain a comprehensive and precise understanding of their case, and apply legal holds when appropriate. The appliance is scalable, capable of reviewing and understanding petabytes of information, including all languages and file types, in a matter of hours.

"Autonomy is reinventing the eDiscovery process to meet the needs and realities of the modern day market," said Mike Sullivan, CEO of Autonomy ZANTAZ. "The traditional approach, which depends on antiquated keyword search technology and an army of technicians, is simply too time-consuming and costly, and puts businesses at serious risk. Autonomy is bringing the power of its end-to-end eDiscovery technology to a turnkey appliance, to radically simplify and accelerate the eDiscovery process for corporations."

Also on the market with its own eDiscovery appliance, Kroll Ontrack says its Ontrack Onsight version is self-contained and mobile.

“Legal matters have grown in scale and complexity while corporate litigation and IT budgets have tightened. Corporations are consequently asking for new ways to conduct discovery so they can focus on dedicating valuable corporate resources to top-line growth strategies,” said Nancy Robertson, vice president of legal technology product line management, Kroll Ontrack.

Ontrack Onsight can be implemented as an incident response solution or as a permanent, enterprise addition to an IT environment, providing a federated platform for corporations that regularly respond to electronically stored information (ESI) production obligations. It is available worldwide. 

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