iSOFT adds Intranet DASHBOARD

iSOFT, a leading global provider of healthcare IT solutions, has selected Intranet DASHBOARD (iD) as its new group-wide communications platform for its 4,700 employees located across the globe.

iSOFT selected iD to replace several existing intranet systems following its merger with IBA Health two years ago.

iD was evaluated against a number of other solutions in the market and was chosen for its ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness and because it offered iSOFT a large number of useful applications straight out of the box.

CIO Martin Wilkinson said the need for a new group-wide intranet was recognised at all levels and across all operational areas of the company because of the need to build a strong sense of unity and corporate culture among iSOFT employees.

“Our new intranet will be the single most important internal communications channel that the company will have at its disposal,” he said. “It will put key information within easy reach of all our employees from a single site and replace the various intranets that currently exist within the group.

“It will greatly increase the level of information sharing and open up new collaboration opportunities, which should have a positive impact on the performance of employees and the company as a whole.”

The creation of the new site has given iSOFT a valuable opportunity to carry out a complete review of its intranet strategy and decide, in an innovative way, how content should best be presented on the new system, rather than purely migrating content across from their existing intranet sites.

The company is training about 40 sub-site administrators and content editors who will be responsible for creating and updating content relating to their specific areas of the iSOFT business, ensuring that the intranet reflects the activities of each business function and regional business unit. It will be available in multiple languages to reflect the global nature ofiSOFT’s business.

Connie Pandos, co-founder and director of Intranet DASHBOARD, said an increasing number of companies were choosing iD to help govern their internal communications following a merger or acquisition.

“iD helps bring order to the chaos. When two companies come together there’s usually an enormous amount of information that needs to be brought under control. This is whatiD does best. Combined with its price tag and feature-rich toolkit, it’s a great option.”

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