JustSystems unveils XMetaL Author Enterprise

JustSystems has launched the latest versions of the company's collaborative XML structured authoring and document reviewing software tools, XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 and XMetaL Reviewer 6.0.

New in this release is an integration between the two products that unifies the XML authoring process with realtime, distributed web-based reviewing, and thus, accelerates documentation cycles.

This integration works seamlessly with the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard as well as other universal industry standards.

Also, the new release allows greater flexibility with multi-document projects that have:
* Unlimited Number of Documents – Any number of documents can now be managed within the realm of a single project;
* Navigational PDF – A rendition can be associated with the project and used for direct navigation from the place in the final document's layout to the originating topic that is under review; and
* Arbitrary Attachments – Arbitrary attachments can be associated in any number with projects, project cycles and drafts.

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