Objective 7.4 on the case

Objective Corporation has announced an update of its its content, collaboration and process management solution, Objective 7.4.

In addition to being ready for Windows 7 on the desktop, Objective 7.4 includes an advance on its workflow capability for complex case-based applications.

This allows case supervisors and officers to have a more granular control of business processes managed by exception. In a government implementation, for example, a Ministerial request may require a number of staff of a department to work together on a process that is not covered by standard workflow.


The arrival of Objective 7.4 will also be welcomed by users seeking a simpler path to building  applications on their intranet that draw on information directly from the Objective repository
(documents, versions, renditions, metadata, searches etc).


Simple AJAX-style web applications can now be hosted on the Objective server without the need for an additional Web application server.
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