The Quest for SharePoint recovery

Quest has upgraded its SharePoint administration and recovery toolkit with a new rapid restore feature that reduces infrastructure and storage space, saving money by eliminating the need for temporary backups and additional storage.

In addition, Recovery Manager for SharePoint now supports Symantec Backup Exec, and other platforms including NetBackup, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, and Tivoli Storage manager for Databases.

Site Administrator for SharePoint was updated to include new critical permissions management features that clean up deleted Active Directory accounts.

A Web-based information portal was also added to generate drillable enterprise-level reports.

Matthew Johnston, Windows management product director, APAC, Quest Software, said, “Managing SharePoint technologies can be a challenge for administrators who need intuitive tools to provide a seamless service to the business.”

“Recovery Manager for SharePoint helps meet the business need for SharePoint recovery without having to change existing backup strategies, while Site Administrator for SharePoint provides critical tools for permissions, reporting, policy settings and auditing.”

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