Enterprise Applications

Infrastructure management system provider BMC Software has said its recently-secured triumvirate of partners will help strengthen its Business Service Management (BSM) initiative.

The SCO Group, which has bolstered its cash reserves to the tune of US$50 million, has said the money will not affect the company's efforts to collect fees from companies using or selling the Linux open source operating system.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has signed an agreement with the UK and New Zealand that will help combat Internet fraud and govern the use of confidential personal information.

IBM has announced it has signed an agreement to acquire CrossAccess Corporation, a company which makes software for accessing mainframe data, for an undisclosed amount. The deal is expected to be completed later this month.

Business solutions provider Norada has announced its arrival on the Australian market with a products that it says eliminates the threat of viruses in mail systems.

The chairman and CEO of storage software provider – and soon to be EMC subsidiary – Legato, has revealed that the decision by EMC to acquire content management software provider Documentum in a deal worth US$1.7 billion was borne out of hi...

The DSTC (Distributed Systems Technology Centre) has announced the arrival of Rob Cook as its new Research Director, an appointment which the organisation says will boost the company's drive to capitalise on IT research in the commercial arena.

Storage system and services provider EMC is to take steps to enhance its Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) capabilities through the acquisition of content management software provider Documentum.

In an effort to address the growing recovery needs of global corporations, EMC Corporation and Fujitsu Siemens Computers have demonstrated the global failover and recovery of a live SAP ERP application between two data centres located in H...

Analysts Meta Group have issued a warning to companies looking to trim their IT budgets that any such cuts must be targeted and not just initiated across the board, saying that such a "draconian" measure can cause significant risk and loss...