CA facilitate identity management

CA facilitate identity management

Computer Associates has announced the arrival of its eTrust Identity and Access Management Suite, a standards-based product that automates and integrates identity and access management across enterprise, customer and partner environments.

According to CA, it enables IT organisations to manage growing internal and external user populations, secure an increasingly complex array of resources and services, and comply with regulatory mandates. It is also designed to eliminate operational inefficiencies, reduce routine tasks and monitor regulatory compliance.

"The intense pressure to control information assets has made identity and access management as critical to corporate performance as virus protection and vulnerability remediation," said Russell M. Artzt, Executive Vice President of CA's eTrust solutions. "To mitigate security risks, enterprises have to manage who has access to what. eTrust Identity and Access Management Suite delivers this."

It also offers rapid, secure enablement of business services across distributed enterprise environments, including Linux, Windows and UNIX, and provides IT administrators with a Web-based console for defining and administering user identities, enabling and disabling access to services based on those identities, and auditing and reporting the services that users have accessed.

"As a global service provider for customer relationship managementsolutions, it is critical that we securely manage access to ourinformation," said Frank A. Gentile, corporate security analyst, ICT Group. "The integrated and modular approach that CA is taking with eTrust Identity and Access Management Suite will help reduce the risk of privacy breaches and address other key issues critical to ICT Group's requirements for business continuity."

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