HP three-way Australian OpenView push

HP three-way Australian OpenView push

By Stuart Finlayson

HP has signalled its intention to grab a bigger share of the Australian enterprise software market through the introduction of a host of new software offerings and enhancements specifically for the Asia Pacific region.

The new products are part of the HP OpenView management software suite, designed to help customers along the first steps of the transition towards a utility computing environment.

The new offerings include:

- Business Impact Analysis: A tool that enables businesses companies to assess what impact infrastructure failures or reduced performance has on their business. The financial costs and degree of customer disruptions can be measured by "correlating business flows with underlying operations data."

- Navigator Network Manager Advanced 7.0: A package which identifies and resolves possible downtime problems before they turn serious.

- Service Navigator Value Pack: A data repository-based IT resource management tool that helps prevent service level agreement violations.

HP's worldwide VP and GM of the OpenView business unit, Todd DeLaughter, said the vendor planned to further broaden the OpenView portfolio through development and acquisions.

"OpenView has a pretty broad portfolio but we also have gaps in our offering, so what I have been chartered with is to fill those gap areas that are pretty critical to IT environments today – areas such as asset management, identity management and security management."

To that end, HP recently completed two acquisitions – web service management company Talking Blocks, and Select Access from Baltimore Technology – with more in the offing.

"If you look at our OpenView strategy in comparison to a blade server, what we are looking to do is to slot in these acquisions like blade slot into a server until we have a complete enterprise management offering."

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