New national guidelines to tackle e-crime

New national guidelines to tackle e-crime

New national guidelines to help organisations and forensic professionals gather evidence on electronic crime that would be admissible in court are to be introduced next week.

The guidelines have been created to combat electronic crime and alleviate concerns from business, government, law enforcement and the legal profession about the forensic status of computer-generated evidence.

Entitled 'HB171:2003 Guidelines for the management of IT evidence,' the guidelines were developed by Standards Australia, together with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department, the Australian High Tech Crime Centre, the Australian Federal Police, and other government and industry bodies.

Curiously, the Chief Executive of Standards Australia, Mr Ross Wraight, cited an example of a work of fiction to highlight the very real benefits the introduction of such guidelines could bring.

"Recent Hollywood films such has Tom Cruise’s Minority Report have demonstrated the power of electronic evidence and these guidelines will provide investigators a reference on what to look for during the evidence collection process after an incident has occurred, said Wraight."

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