Siebel client for DoCS

Siebel client for DoCS

DoCs, the New South Wales Department of Community Services, is to replace its mainframe document management system with a Siebel e-business based system to be integrated by Accenture.

The $5 million contract will provide DoCS with a system that allows caseworkers to manage client information.

”The new client system will be used organisation wide by caseworkers, managers and administrators delivering improved support for child protection reporting, case management records and administrative data,” said Dr Neil Shepherd, director general of DoCS.

”Significant legislation and policy changes have altered requirements for gathering and reporting information. The new system will cater for these changes and provide the flexibility to respond to future legislative changes,” said Dr Shepherd of why a new system has been chosen. The new system will replace a mainframe client information system and a PC based intake tracking system.

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