Griffith steps up HarvestRoad for CMS

Griffith steps up HarvestRoad for CMS

Griffith University will be able to track copyright information and manage its teaching content, thanks to the roll out of a content management system.

Set in the Gold Coast-Brisbane corridor of Queensland, the university has five campuses and nearly 30,000 students and needed a content management system (CMS) to manage its course material and online content.

Griffith University selected the flagship product from HarvestRoad, HarvestRoad LCMS, as its learning content management system. In addition, the university joined HarvestRoad’s product advisory board and is working with the Australian software developer vendor on some of its new product initiatives over the coming months.

The implementation of the HarvestRoad LCMS is an important step in the University’s information management strategy. With LCMS, University staff will be able to contribute and manage content used in the delivery of multiple teaching and learning environments. LCMS will also enable Griffith University to track required copyright information via the system’s extensible metadata and copyright management facility.

LCMS is a browser-based content repository that claims to be highly scalable. HarvestRoad says LCMS allows the collection, management, sharing and re-use of any type of content material used in the delivery of online courses within education, from kindergarten though to university, as well as corporate organisations.

The system is also tailored for education industry specifications - including IMS (SCORM) - which can be integrated within a Course Management System or implemented in a stand-alone mode.

As part of the implementation of HarvestRoad’s LCMS, Griffith University will be provided with a Blackboard integrated solution to assist the University’s online content delivery strategy, web content and portal development initiatives. Being tightly integrated with the Blackboard Learning System, HarvestRoad LCMS is a natural fit for Griffith University’s requirements to efficiently manage content across Griffith’s online courses.

David Wilson, general manager education at HarvestRoad said of the deal, “The selection of HarvestRoad by Griffith University further demonstrates the success of HarvestRoad’s integration with the Blackboard Learning System and our understanding of the content management issues being faced by the education industry.”

To date, Griffith University’s track record in information technology research and education is impressive. Dr Michael Crock, Griffith’s director of information services said: “Its commitment to delivering the highest-quality teaching, research and service to its students and staff forms the basis of its purchasing decisions, and is reflected in its partnerships with other leading organisations, including UNESCO, AstraZeneca and now HarvestRoad.”

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