First portal show hits the road

First portal show hits the road

Potential users of enterprise information portals will finally be able to see what they look like in practise at the first event in Australia dedicated to the new technology.

The Corporate Portals Conference and Exhibition will run in Sydney on March 1 and in Melbourne on March 3rd, with two streams of speeches.

The first "showcase" stream will be free, and will consist of presentations by supporting vendors and exhibitors. The main conference stream will include a more thorough list of speakers from the user community, analysts and technologists, and will be available to paying delegates only.

Speakers in the conference sessions will include several international users, including Ian Black from British Aerospace, Anne Jeanblanc from US-based machinery maker Caterpillar and Howard Frysinger from American industry consultancy SCT.

Mr Black will relate British Aerospace's experiences with developing a customised portal to deliver cross-enterprise access. Another international case study will explore the United States Postal Service's efforts to expand on its corporate portal to provide access to large volumes of data to post offices across the country.

These user stories are complemented by a keynote address to be delivered by Delphi Group Australasia managing director, Jeff Sussman. This session aims to provide a foundation of understanding for the conference, focusing on the business mandate behind the portal, architecture models and development methodology. He will also look at some of the portal technology available for such implementations.

The exhibition part of the show will also be free, and for most information managers it will represent the first opportunity to "kick the tyres" of portal applications in the field. Exhibitors will include Brio, Sybase and Hummingbird.

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