Professional digital camera

Professional digital camera

Eastman Kodak has expanded its family of professional digital cameras by introducing the new Kodak Professional DCS 410 digital camera, the company's lowest-priced, high-resolution digital camera.

The DCS 410 camera features high-end digital capture devices by combining image quality, ease-of-use and portability.

If also offers Nikon 35mm camera users the convenience of employing their Nikon lenses and accessories, with several key digital camera features.

The camera also boasts the ability to store images on removable PCMCIA cards (both hard disk and memory cards), and has a built-in microphone for image annotation, allowing the user to record sound clips before and after exposing an image.

Kodak designed the DCS 410 for users who want megapixel image quality, but don't require the faster burst rate and extended ISO range of the Kodak Professional DCS 420 digital camera.

Target applications for the DCS 410 include desktop publishing, presentation development, catalogue publishing and scientific research, or other commercial and industrial applications demanding high-quality digital output.

The DCS 410 is now available in a colour version priced at $9995 rrp (ex tax).

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