Privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection

With sweeping privacy legislation imminent, this comprehensive forum has been designed to confront the private and public sectors most pressing privacy and data protection issues.

Scheduled for March 19 and 20 at the Boulevard Hotel, Sydney, the 1997 Privacy and Data Protection conference will be discussing what the expected timetable is for law reform, and how these reforms will impact on business operations.

As well as the seminar on the new legislation by Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department, Richard Moss, the conference will discuss changes in store for marketing firms, with a push towards even more accountability - especially concerning the methods which they employ to reach their target audiences. Direct marketers and telemarketers are the prime targets.

The centralisation of databases as a cause for concern will also be discussed, when Head of the Privacy, Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, Nigel Waters analyses what the proposed merger of databases could mean for your department.

Electronic commerce and encryption technology will also be outlined by a second representative from the Attorney General's Depart-ment explaining the concept of 'trusted third parties' and the progress of online trading.

Privacy policies in general are also discussed in the day two seminars, with a case study included on insurance company AAMI.

There is also a separately bookable half-day workshop for March 21, entitled Establishing an effective privacy compliance system, which outlines how privacy compliance can be achieved through a structured program of education and monitoring.

For more info and registration phone (02) 9210 5777.