Weaving an e-commerce Net

Weaving an e-commerce Net

FileNET and Interwoven have begun a joint development project to provide integrated solutions for enterprises looking to leverage their valued corporate content onto the Web.

The partnership will focus on solutions aimed at the insurance, financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing, utilities and telecommunications sectors.

"For many organisations, robust document lifecycle management - the development, control, and deployment of information - is critical to strategic content management efforts," said Andrew Warzecha, senior program director at the Meta Group.

"The Interwoven and FileNET partnership is significant because they will provide a comprehensive solution for e-businesses to manage both their valued corporate content and dynamic Web assets."

The partnership will seek to accelerate the way that corporations can publish existing documents in the Internet and intranet alongside information specifically developed for the Web.

"The joint solution breaks down the barriers between corporate and Web-only content and allows customers to leverage all knowledge, regardless of type or source repository, into a competitive asset on the Web," said Martin Brauns, president and CEO of Interwoven. "Getting timely and compelling corporate content to the Web remains a challenge for many companies. Customers will now have increased access to valued corporate assets with the integration of FileNet's products and Interwoven TeamSite."

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