Panagon gains Autonomy

Panagon gains Autonomy

FileNET and Autonomy have agreed to include the latter's content categorisation and personalisation technology in the former's enterprise information portal products.

Panagon eSolutions, a new business unit within FileNET, will use Autonomy's technology for tracking the way content is used by an organisation's employees, to determine its value and establish practices for using important content.

In a customer relationship management solution, for example, the Autonomy technology would allow Panagon users to focus on product trends, economic indicators and industry news which is necessary to serve their customers, according to FileNET.

This would be done by allowing the Autonomy software to categorise, tag, link and personalise vast amounts of content in an automated fashion.

"We can proactively deliver personalised information through our portal interface. In addition, the technology will allow these portals to learn and recommend content while the user is actively using the portal," said Mark Chealander, vice president and general manager of Panagon eSolutions.

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