Panagon produces eContent

Panagon produces eContent

FileNET has released details of the next version of its Panagon software suite, which will take it from being just a document management and imaging company to becoming a provider of what it calls "eContent management" tools.

The suite is built around a back-end server called Content Services, which incorporates a repository which the company says is easily administered and searched. The server software also caters for back up and recovery maintenance, and can implement load balancing across multiple servers to scale for large volumes of traffic. It can also replicate data at multiple locations for companies who deploy Panagon across several states or countries.

Content Services runs only on Windows NT with either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle 8i as the database.


Web Services is the development platform which FileNET hopes organisations will use to build intranets to share HTML, groupware documents, faxes, business reports, EDI information and multimedia content between employees. The user has the option to access documents through a fully browser-based interface, using Microsoft's ActiveX technology. This component includes the document management features which come from FileNET's heritage, like check-in and out, version control, document security, and support for compound documents. Web Services can be used to streamline integration with FileNET and other third-party products.

includes the document management features which come from FileNET's heritage

Specifically for content management, the Web Publisher component is FileNET's first foray into use of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) to support the publishing process for intranets, Web sites and enterprise information portals. The Web Publisher suite removes the need for employees to code in either HTML or XML by providing templates and automated processes to speed up the production cycle. Web Publisher contains a Server which links back to Content Services, a Station for creating instructions for automated page creation, a Scheduler for automatically updating content, and Templates for consistent formatting.

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