Keeping track of digital media

Keeping track of digital media

Cumulus 5 is an application designed for keeping track of digital media that can include photographs, illustrations, page layouts and sounds.

The Cumulus 5 product family, distributed in Australia by SCSI Corporation, consists of a suite of applications that, together, serve the asset management needs of all levels of creative development and output on all popular platforms.

Available in Single User, Workgroup or Enterprise editions, Cumulus runs on a wide range of platforms and features a modular architecture, customisable record and category fields, slide show output to QuickTime movies and Output to HTML.

It offers customisable collection views and complete control of the Cumulus 5 application via Apple Events or (OLE) Automation.

For publishing live catalogues and assets on the Web, Canto offers the Cumulus 5 Web Publisher. Although Cumulus 5 supports the ability to output collection views to HTML, this option alone produces static Web pages that cannot be updated on-the-fly.

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