Exceed provides Unix onDemand

Exceed provides Unix onDemand

March 9, 2009: Open Text has announced the availability of Exceed onDemand 7, an application delivery platform that allows organisations to centrally distribute UNIX applications to local or remote Windows and Linux workstations.

It is built on the company's Thin X Protocol and helps to provide up to 90 percent reduction in network traffic. It enables the deployment of graphically complex applications to users who reside thousands of miles away from the data centre.

The new version of Exceed onDemand features the ability to distribute high-end 3D applications through the support for server-side rendering. It offers new compression algorithms help to improve application responsiveness and user experience.

Exceed onDemand is currently being used by more than 100,000 people around the world for a variety of applications such as CAD/CAM engineering, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), aeronautical engineering, financial and statistical applications, geological exploration and scientific research.

"In these times of economic uncertainty, Exceed onDemand can offer a quick return on investment to companies that rely on UNIX applications," said Eugene Cherny, General Manager for Open Text's connectivity solutions. "It helps customers to reduce the number of application centres and replace expensive proprietary workstations, while enabling real-time team collaboration."

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