Queplix launches Universal Enterprise Search

Queplix launches Universal Enterprise Search

March 24, 2009:Queplix, a provider of enterprise information access technology, has unveiled QueSearch -- a universal search platform that securely integrates structured data from enterprise, SaaS and cloud applications into a single powerful search tool.

QueSearch software automatically extracts data and permissions from a wide variety of application and database formats, while enforcing security policies and access controls on a per-user basis to ensure that sensitive data is protected.

Queplix has leveraged its QueCrawler technology, developed over several years as part of the Queplix QueWeb information access solution, to deliver automation and integration with top enterprise applications including SAP, Siebel, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Salesforce.com and Microsoft Exchange.

Queplix claims existing search solutions in the market today provide incomplete access to structured data, often requiring manual data extraction and hard-coded SQL programming. In addition, because these solutions lack a comprehensive security and access control framework to enforce existing application policies, many enterprises are reluctant to include sensitive but valuable data in search results.

QueSearch ingests structured data from enterprise and cloud applications, and creates synthetic data objects that can be injected into enterprise search indexes such as Google Search Appliance, Autonomy, Endeca, or FAST. Users receive a relevance-ranked search results list integrating unstructured data, documents, and structured data, as well as a category-grouped listing of results. The QueSearch synthetic documents can combine and de-duplicate structured data from multiple applications, providing a 360-degree view of each customer, part number, or record. QueSearch monitors applications in real time to capture updated data and meta-data for injection into the search index. This makes it an ideal front-end for employees to access data from all of their critical applications, as opposed to opening multiple application interfaces and running multiple queries.

QueSearch can dynamically discover application data and meta-data, such as business entities and relational links, users, roles, and permissions for inclusion in the search index, reducing the need for custom development and taxonomy catalogues.

Once users receive authorized search results incorporating structured and unstructured data, QueSearch enables them to view the data within the original application, or within a flexible Web data browsing interface. QueSearch also enables custom "actions" directly from the search results interface, such as creating a new support database entry, or opening a new purchase order.

The QueSearch solution is available immediately, with software and appliance deployment options. Pricing starts at $US19,500.

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