Stan is the man for enterprise search

Stan is the man for enterprise search

March 25, 2009:Workers frustrated because they cannot find critical data within their organisations now have a new digital ally - Stan, a character created by created by Vivisimo to promote the capabilities of enterprise search.

Like Stan, workers in every industry and geography waste considerable time trying to find the information they need to get their jobs done because they have no single way of searching across multiple file shares, document management systems or intranet pages. At the same time, workers are being asked to do more, so they need to work closer with their colleagues either in another office or in the next cubicle. But most don’t have the tools to do so.

Through a series of videos, blogs and other social media, Stan champions the use of enterprise search. The Meet Stan campaign includes a website (, videos and social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

“Everyone can relate to Stan’s struggles,” said Rebecca Thompson, Vivisimo’s vice president of marketing. “We’ve all been in the situation where we can’t find that important report for our boss or that email a co-worker sent us last week. That impacts our effectiveness in the office. With Stan, we can creatively illustrate these employees’ struggles—and show how enterprise search can solve them.”

Search provides access to content stored throughout the enterprise. The right search technology gives users the tools to collaborate, share intelligence and add insight to help spark innovation. The collective intelligence of enterprises can pay tremendous dividends throughout an organization, from human resources to research, and product development to customer service.

Stan’s lighthearted videos, available on and YouTube, describe different aspects of enterprise search. After an introductory video, the initial series will focus on the three critical dimensions of search—discovery, personalization and collaboration.

Stan also has a blog on the website where he discusses his search and collaboration dilemmas and how enterprise search can help.

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