Free SharePoint archiving solution

Free SharePoint archiving solution

July 30, 2009:Metalogix Software has announced it is making available its Archiving Express SharePoint Archiving solution for free download.

Archiving Express supports complex compliance retention policies while promising to improve SharePoint system performance and reducing overall backup and restore time by 50%.

With features to automate disaster recovery and shorten backup times dramatically for the SharePoint environment, Metalogix Archiving Express for SharePoint also provides search, retention and disposition capabilities to help companies execute internal policies.

Archived content is classified by metadata attribute, file size, or modification date, so even the most granular of retention policies will be executed.

Backup volumes are reduced by removing duplicate data through the Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) engine. This reduces backup and restore times by up to 50%. Metalogix Archiving Express for SharePoint also cuts bloated portal sizes by up to 80% and automatically offloads less active documents to less expensive storage.

Archived documents are fully accessible by end users, just like non-archived documents, and the activities are transparent to users.

Next-generation search finds information archives from anywhere in the SharePoint environment. Users of other Metalogix archiving solutions (Exchange or Files) can search for email, files, and/or SharePoint from a single view.

“We are happy to offer our SharePoint archiving solution for free to the SharePoint community because we know that administrators are struggling to optimise the performance of their content database,” said ChrisRisley, CEO, Metalogix.

“We are committed to the SharePoint community and this free product addresses a key concern we have been increasingly hearing from our SharePoint admin customers. Through active feedback from our freeware users, we will continue to enhance our product and deliver the archiving solution that organizations need today and in the future as SharePoint archives continue to grow exponentially.”

SharePoint adminstrators can download the new freeware solution HERE.