SharePoint visualisation gets a boost

SharePoint visualisation gets a boost

August 19, 2009:SharePointBoost, a developer of SharePoint enhancements, has released a new product that graphically displayins the status of a SharePoint project or task in the form of percentage-based bars.

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor adds a new custom column type as a graphical component to the default SharePoint percentage data columns, which improves the usability of the SharePoint percentage data column.

By applying Project Progress Monitor, SharePoint users are able to present monotonous percentage data as colour-coded bars, to ease dealing with a large amount of numerical data.

Existing lists of numerical data can be converted without spending time and effort in data re-entry. SharePoint users are also offered fully customisable settings in terms of colour options, bar length, and the option to display the actual, numerical percentage data together with color-coded bars or not.

SharePointBoost's Project Progress Monitor is compatible with both MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0, has cross-browser support and is available in several languages.

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