Business Process & Workflow

Singapore is seeking to adopt a nationwide, interoperable electronic invoicing framework based on the PEPPOL system, which is currently used by 19 European countries such as Britain, Germany and Norway.

The largest independently-owned transport company in Queensland, Followmont Transport, is ensuring its future with a host of state-of-the-art technology deployments including a new centralised EzeScan scanning and capture solution.

Australian law firm Maddocks has adopted Luminance’s machine learning technology to streamline the due diligence processes. The firm selected Luminance due to its ability to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on a due diligence review compared to typical manual methods.

Medical Assurance Society (MAS), a New Zealand membership-based society that provides a range of financial and business advisory services, has started to deploy Promapp’s cloud-based business process management software to support its business transformation programmes.

Formed in 2001, Avantix is one of Australia’s leading Information Processing providers, operating throughout Australia as a dedicated government and enterprise solution supplier. The company prides itself on helping organisations manage hard copy and digital information – hence the recent installation of two OPEX Falcon scanning workstations.

Linguamatics, a  developer of natural language processing (NLP) text analytics technology, has announced the latest release of its I2E AMP platform to automate the discovery of critical insights from text using NLP.

Recognising that there are multiple scenarios that require organisations to share content but restrict the ability to download local copies, Objective Corporation has introduced a new “Download as a Permission” feature for its Objective Connect platform.

ABBYY has announced the launch of FineReader Engine 12, its next-generation software development kit (SDK) that can now be applied to applications running in virtual and cloud environments, along with those running on premise, providing intelligent OCR for 208 languages, PDF conversion, and data capture.

Project managers and sponsors can use this 10-step process to rescue major projects or programs.

An oft-quoted statistic has information workers spending 1.8 hours each day or 9.3 hours per week searching for information. If you are in a team of five, this equates to one of you making about as much progress as if they spent the day at the football.